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We offer families to come to meet our team and tour our faculty plus Parents can also take advantage of a free consultation with a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). We verify insurance benefits and schedule assessment date. We can also check insurance benefits before this date if the parent prefers.

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To complete the registration process, assessment is conducted, and we set up the first day of ABA therapy. Learner's needs are determined based on assessment results.

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Assignment to a therapeutic team & implementation of the individualized plan

Based on assessment results, In the next step learners are assigned to a specific therapeutic team. Each learner is paired up in a group with expertly trained staff. The qualified staff consistently implement individualized treatment plan assigned to each learner.

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Parent involvement & Ongoing support

During the therapeutic process Autism Center Minnesota will provide parents with ongoing support to assist in skills carrying over to other settings. We will conduct parent training, data collection monitoring, and community-based support to ensure our learners reach the full potential!

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